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Results for BV negative, still symptomatic


So about three weeks ago I went to the gynecologist to consult with her about some BV symptoms (discharge + odor) I’ve been having for several years. She told me it sounded like it could be BV, and since we were both pretty sure it wasn’t an STI she asked me if I wanted a prescription for Metronidazole before getting the cultures back. I said yes, since I was fed up with the symptoms, and I picked it up at the pharmacy that same day and began the course. I took it for 7 days, 500mg 2x a day. The first day I noticed great improvement (still had discharge but no odor at all), and for about three days I felt great. However, about 4 days into it, the symptoms were starting to come back. The discharge and the odor were diminished, but each day it seemed like it was having less of an effect.

After I finished the 7-day course, the symptoms were only slightly better than when I had started. I purchased a female probiotic with 90 billion live active cultures and started taking it 2 days after I finished the medication. The next day I noticed an amazing improvement, and each day it seemed to be getting better. I didn’t want to jinx myself and get too excited, but it had been the longest a treatment had worked for me. However, about 10 days into it, I got closer to my period and the odor was getting progressively worse, and by the time I got my period it was about the same as before any treatment. Once again I was disheartened – for once I was starting to feel like a normal person who could have sex without feeling self conscious, and now it seems like it has gone down the drain again.

I’m still on my period now, and today I got the results for the cultures and to my great surprise, I tested negative for all of the BV indicative bacteria. The lactobacillus panel came back negative for L.crispatus and L.gasseri, both of which are the bacteria associated with a healthy vagina. So what I am gathering is that I do not need to KILL any bad bacteria, but rather recolonize with the kind in which I am deficient. Many probiotics contain L.gasseri, including the one I was taking, but L.crispatus is not available anywhere as far as my searches have led me. I’ve found many (currently ongoing) studies on L.crispatus with promising results on human subjects, but it is still unavailable to buy. What can I do?! Anyone else have a similar problem? I technically don’t have BV, but I have the symptoms and there’s no way for me to obtain the bacteria that my body needs more of. I am so frustrated ☹

If you read this all the way through, THANK YOU! And thank you so much if you contribute!
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