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Flora ☀️

Painful sex after BV

Hey everyone! I had an unfortunate case of bacterial vaginosis for the first time about a month ago. I was also really sick with some kind of flu or infection or something, at the same time.
At first I thought it was a yeast infection so I took Monistat 1-day. I probably shouldn't have done that before seeing my doctor but I've had yeast infections before so I thought I knew what to do. Anyway, the Monistat didn't help (obviously) and I don't know if I had some kind of reaction to it or what, but all of the skin around my vulva (on the outside) became super dry and was flaking off for DAYS! So weird.
So I finally got to a doctor and they took a sample and told me it was BV. They prescribed me Metronidazole and the infection went away after a week or a little less. (Skin finally went back to normal too...)

Anyway, so my issue now is that ever since, it's been kind of painful to have sex. Not painful enough that I can't do it, but sometimes it just feels uncomfortable and I'm often sore after. Definitely can't do it more than once in a few hour span like I used to be able to. My boyfriend is pretty well endowed so I'm used to feeling sore occasionally but it's just different since the BV. It's gotten better--right after I got rid of the infection it was impossible, way too painful. But it's still not back to normal.

Potentially relevant details: I've been on the same birth control pill for about 2.5 years and have been exclusive with my boyfriend for about the same amount of time. Never had kids or been pregnant. I also have HSV1 and was worried at first that was it (I've only shown symptoms once...about a year ago) but I didn't see anything and the pain was only during sex.
Has anyone else had this problem? I've researched and found info about painful sex with BV, but not after BV.
Thanks for reading!
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