it's a hybrid theory (rabbitfacts) wrote in vaginapagina,
it's a hybrid theory

Spotting after withdrawal bleed, normal?

Hey there,

I haven't been here in a while as i've been trying not to get anxious over every tiny thing that occurs but today I've been a bit more concerned about something and wanna check if it's normal because it's not usual for me.

I just recently finished my withdrawal bleed (like, Sunday it was almost gone) but today I've woken up with lower back cramps, and a weird sore feeling in my lower abdomen (like right down in my pelvis area just below my navel???)

I'm not sure whether it's related to anything, but I've still got some slight spotting, I notice it when I pee and slightly when I wipe, plus there's a couple of spots on the pantyliner (so it's not heavy or anything but just... annoying). I'm normally finished completely with my period by today, Monday, but for some reason it's lingering. I wouldn't normally care but the sore feeling and the lower back pain have me worried. Could it be something else or could it just be left over from the bleed?

Would you give this a few days to see if it clears before worrying or should I be running to the doctor right away?

FYI, I have bladder problems too so I can never tell whether it is coming from the bladder region or the uterus, but I'm pretty sure since there is spotting it's more likely to be the uterus :/

I'm also NOT sexually active at all rn.

Any advice would be great, and thank you!
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