Gastidri (raikourai) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help please

Hello amazing people!

I would like to ask for some help and advice.

The story is that around 3 months ago i got on the pill (Zelleta 75microgram) and since then i have my period twice a month.

Its usual for me that once i have changes in my life, like moving to another country my period resets. Last year i moved home, that reset the days when my period came, but it settled in a month and was regular for a year. Then i moved to the Uk. My system reset and got my period twice a month, but by the time it would have settled i got on the pill for the first time. My bf was insisting that id get something reliable since we got into a serious relationship.

I wanted to avoid the double hormone pills, due to bad exp in my family. My mom got migranes, got easily angry, moody and had bad cramps. My step sister gained 10 kgs... Etc.
So i talked with the nurse and chose the lowest hormone pill.

Anyway 3 months passed since i started taking it and i still have double period and bad cramps. Since then i went to see the nurse cause i got worried, she told me it was normal that it takes time for my body to adjust.
And that if i have sex frequently it can bother and delay the settling.

It happened that if my bf hits me during sex in the wrong spot, it can activate my period. Like few days ago.

I would really like to solve the problem, its pretty bad to be bleeding so often.

Should i stay on this pill and give it another 3 months maybe my period settles?

Or should i just change and try something else?

Also is this because of that i started to take the pill?

Can having frequent sex be a part of that my period didnt settle yet?

Thank you for the help

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