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(More) herpes questions!

A couple of weeks ago I posted about vaginal irritation and how my GP suspected herpes. At the time I sent off a swab and took a 5 day course of aciclovir and since then my symptoms have decreased from "I want to tear my vagina off it's so sore and itches so badly" to a couple of itches a few times a day, on average. But it's been 22 days since my first symptoms reared their ugly heads and it still seems to be hanging around.

Some days I barely get any itching now, but then every now and again I'll get a slightly itchier day and this usually coincides with a few new red "spots" that appear usually a centimeter or two away from my vaginal opening. A few of these "spots" seem to have a tiny bit of clear liquid in, and they really do look just like tiny pimples. However, they seem to go away again very quickly; often the next day they're completely or almost gone.

Is it normal for a first outbreak of genital herpes to last this long, with symptoms this mild? I have had a really bad cold this week and there are a lot of bugs going around at my workplace (I work in a school, so there's always illness about!) so could it just be that my immune system is compromised and this is letting the virus hang on in there when it should be clearing up?

I should add that thanks to my doctor screwing up the swab they couldn't give me a definite diagnosis when I went before so there's still the FAINTEST possibility this could be something else, but it seems unlikely to me! I'd love to just go to my local GUM clinic but I mostly seem to be getting this spots on days when I can't book an appointment with them, which is not helpful.

I have the option of ordering another course of aciclovir through a pharmacy and I wonder if it's worth trying that? I know it's most effective when started within 48 hours of the first symptoms but as my symptoms keep being practically gone and then coming back maybe it might help? Worth a try?

All help and advice appreciated!
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