perigrine (perigrine) wrote in vaginapagina,

odd smelling urine

for a while now, maybe a year (I havent noted it anywhere), whenever I am WELL hydrated (pale yellow-clear urine) it smells strange. Kind of like meaty salted water (if you've ever cooked corned beef you'll know the smell). It is rather off putting, but not bad. Any less hydrated and there is no smell.

> Nothing has changed in my diet, I still drink boiled tap water, and eat the same amount of meat/protein with the same amount of salt.
> It doesn't burn, or sting, and there is no frequency (over and above the overactive/nervous bladder).
> The only supplements I take are lysine, but that isn't all the time, and maybe a multi vitamin if its a bad eating week (and then it smells like Vit B and is yellow).
> It doesn't vary cycle-wise either.
> Google isn't really helpful, indication most smells are from dehydration. Since I only ever notice it when I'm well hydrated, that isn't a factor. (Although Google does mention hormone imbalance..and I'm almost 44, so maybe.)
> I dont feel this is a Dr worthy visit.

any insights?

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