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Eleven Day period?

Hello everyone!
I tried reading the other tags and didn't see anything on my particular situation.
A bit of a question in regards to how to record my period this month. I've always been regularly irregular. One month I will have a strong 3 day flow, the next I will have a weaker 5 day flow. The days tend to vary as well, but they always fall within two or three days of each other.
This month however, has been....odd and I'm not sure why it's happened or how to jot it down.

I had some spotting a week before my period normally took place. I chalked it up to being pregnant, since while on my last period, my guy and I got too wrapped up and we went for a minute without a condom (I know the chances were slim on it, but I didn't know what else to make of the spotting). So, imagine my surprise when a week later, I get an actual heavy flow period with hot flashes and cramping and the works. Being heavy, I assume it will take three days to pass as usual. On the last day, it's particularly strong to the point that I was nauseous, dizzy and throwing up, which had never happened before. But after those three days, it stops.

No bleeding for three days. And then suddenly, it starts up again. Light enough to not stain through my underwear to my clothing if I am unprotected, but strong enough to stain my underwear. And it has continued. So, I had spotting, three days of heavy bleeding, a three day pause and then five consecutive days of light bleeding, possibly going on six.

Do I record that as eleven straight days of period flow?! I'm not even sure how that happens. I'm not sure how to calculate when ovulation would be in this case. Do I take the three day gap in to consideration when tracking?

I tried googlig as well, but didn't find much. Thanks in advance! 
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