1:44 pm - 09/12/2016

Small penis big guy sex tips please?

My boyfriend has a small penis (3 inches maybe) and he's a really big guy (450 pounds) and we just started trying to have sex. It's not working. Last night he lost his erection as he was coming over to me and couldn't get it back. Tips please? Positions erection keeping etc anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks superstars!

moralanqua 12th-Sep-2016 07:49 pm (UTC)

Cock ring! Will help keep him up longer.
Lie him down on his back on the edge of the bed so his feet are braced against the floor and you sit on his penis facing away from him.  He can bump up into you using his feet while you get maximum inches and can control speed and friction. 

faeriefiles 12th-Sep-2016 11:57 pm (UTC)
Good advice, Sometimes the failure to keep an erection is partially caused by embarrassment. If you just started having sex he may feel a bit awkward and may be self-critical. If he doesn't like the ring you can use your hand to form a ring around his penis and guide him into you. Sometimes with the big guys the penis is larger than it appears, but is covered by a skin flap from the lower belly. He can hold that up with his hands and it will help or he can wear a belt designed to hold up that skin flap. Something like a hernia girdle that has the cutout or a mens groin brace. Don't be afraid to try various positions and be sure to satisfy one another by digital and oral means as you learn to be together it's not all about penetration, mutual satisfaction is a big part of intimacy and will build a bond for further experimentation.
rubenstuddardi1 Yikes13th-Sep-2016 02:46 pm (UTC)
Get a new boyfriend
aheadsuretospin 13th-Sep-2016 04:31 pm (UTC)

What a shit thing to say.

peepshowtoyscom Here is a book and toy suggestion...14th-Sep-2016 03:13 pm (UTC)
Check out the book "Big Big Love: A Sourcebook on Sex for People of Size and Those Who Love Them"

Wedge pillows (Liberator brand is one of the big players in this arena) can also assist with getting the right angle.

Just remain supportive! Wishing you both continued love and happiness.

- Paulee from peepshowtoys
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