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Cervix sneaking away from the growth

Hey team -
So I'm excited to have a surgery scheduled for early November, there's like a softball-sized thing up in there, maybe it's a fibroid(s?), idk we just did an endometrial biopsy and saw evidence of a polyp too so at this point I'm not sure exactly what-all is in there. What I do know is:
- thing is large enough most of my pants don't fit anymore
- docs agree the reason I'm having mild incontinence issues is pressure on the bladder from this
- menstruating wasn't going so well, there is way too much endometrial lining and if I ever bleed that heavily again I'm to go immediately to the ER, meanwhile I'm on continuous HBC/no off-week and so am just sort of "spotting" which is about the heaviness of a middling-bad regular period for me at random intervals
- at my endometrial biopsy, my gyn noted that my cervix had been pushed by this thing way down close to the vaginal entrance

I'm feeling... things right now. Like, ok, a lot of emotions around this. I want the whole mess out, I do not want it in me anymore. But more, I mean, physical things. A sort of itchiness/tingling not quite at my vaginal entrance so much as kind of inside/deeper/duller? And maybe a little heart-palpitationy and dizzied/lightheaded, less-tangible things that kind of remind me of the vasovagal response I had post-endometrial biopsy, though milder, and no sweating or nausea (or at least, not yet).

How far down can this thing push the bottom of my uterus? I'm kind of panicked that we're looking at the edge of a prolapse, and my google-fu is failing me as searching combinations of the words prolapse and fibroid is just telling me that sometimes your uterus will expel a fibroid ou through the cervix. Having passed some sizable clots in my time, I can guarantee that's not happened - I would have experienced some significant cramping if my cervix opened large enough to get something the size of this growth out. But... angling a mirror at my vaginal opening, I feel like there's more tissue/fullness at the entrance than usual. Could my cervix be peeking out here? Is that the sort of thing that would feel weird and happen from a large enough thing pushing from the inside?
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