ninyhime (ninyhime) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vaginal tears? Experiences?

Hello everyone,

I have experienced what I think is vaginal tears increasingly often over the course of the last few months.

I heard vaginal tears are supposed to hurt like hell when having sex, but I never felt sharp pain or anything during sex. However, I go pee after sex, and once in a while, it feels slightly unpleasant, like a light sting, and occasionally a drop of pinkish diluted blood appears when I wipe.

Usually I go without sex for a couple nights and it fixes itself fine, but recently I find it's become more frequent. Still no significant pain though. I have tried getting a look at my vulva with a small mirror and sure enough, I can see a couple of small "tears" at the entrance, close to the perineum. They don't bleed and only sting when touched, and they look a bit like when you get the corners of your mouth split. Nothing deep from what I can tell.

It only started happening to me after I got a Nexplanon implant, so I'm wondering if that could be linked. I was told that vaginal tears can be caused by infections, stds or dryness, and I have recently been screened for infections and stds, nothing there. As for dryness, I don't know, I do feel that it takes a bit longer for me to get wet than before I got the implant, but by the time I have sex, it does not feel uncomfortable or anything, no pain, no burning sensation. Maybe from next time on we'll try extra long caressing time to see if that changes anything.

I have an appointment with my gyno next week to ask about it, but in the meantime, I'd love to hear if any of you experienced something akin to my experience, whether you found out what caused it, and how you dealt with it.

Thank you everyone :)
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