evwifey (evwifey) wrote in vaginapagina,

Crazy recurrent Yeast Infection!!!

So, I don't get YI very often; I am 37 and have only had three. However, when I do get one they are super hard to get rid of!! The first time it lasted a year (it was NOT treated properly) the second time it took four months (once again not treated properly at first; finally went away after being on a low dose of Diflucan everyday for a month and having gentian violet treatments) and then at the beginning of this month I got another one. Finally recognizing the symptoms at first onset I took 4 Diflucan pills 3 days apart. Gone.... so I thought. 3 weeks later it is here again!! I have already taken 2 doses of the Diflucan and it is day 5 and I am STILL in agony! I can't do the creams as they irritate too much. There is so much white discharge too still (sorry TMI) Is this normal?
These are my wretched symptoms: burning, sharp stabbing pains like someone is pricking me with several pins, white discharge and swelling. It is like someone kicked me and then set me on fire and then shoved some sand paper in there for good measure. My doctor prescribed the Diflucan and also Nystatin cream for the vulva. Has anyone used nystatin cream externally before? Also, anyone have very few but very difficult to treat YI? I feel like an odd-ball here. Any thoughts would be great!!
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