Jackie (phiremangston) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vulvodynia diagnosis - Desperation mode!

After about ten nurses/ARNPs/doctors/gynos all shrugging at me and saying "You should be happy! Everything looks normal!" (pain is normal???), my current OB/GYN officially diagnosed me with Vulvodynia, which is quite possibly the most annoying diagnosis I've had so far.

The only testing any of these medical professionals has done have been wet mounts. I do seem to have an issue with recurring yeast infections, which is odd since I'd never had one before last year.

For the last 11 months, I've been experiencing mild to moderate itching, mild pain to moderate discomfort, and the sensation that my pubic hair is being pulled the wrong direction, but only where my pubic hair grows. I also have been experiencing a strange sensation on my pubic bone, where if I put pressure on it it feels like it's been bruised. These sensations tend to come and go, are worse when I'm sitting down or walking for significant stretches, and have only occurred within the last year. There's been off-and-on unusual discharge, but at this point it's difficult to tell what's normal anymore. It tends to vary between a clear discharge (usually during arousal), thin-to-moderate white discharge, to yellow thicker discharge. I haven't noticed any pattern.

Possibly relevant: I'm asexual, and these sensations did coincide with approximately the same time I first started feeling sexual attraction toward anyone for the first time in my life, about October of last year. Which is...extremely annoying, to say the least. I do have a history of sexual/medical trauma specifically related to my pubic area, including an HPV scare six years ago after my first and only sexual partner.

It's been suggested that growing up in an ultra-conservative Christian town may be causing some sort of weird psychosomatic issue with experiencing sexual attraction, and that potentially seeking out a UU church might be helpful. I've also seen some stuff on the queer groups on Facebook about orgasmic meditation/clitoral stroking being helpful to people in a more mindfulness/sensory way. I'm also supposed to start physical therapy in September, when my health insurance kicks in again. I'm curious if anyone who has been diagnosed with vulvodynia has found any of this helpful.

I'm also looking for suggestions as to what this could be ASIDE from vulvodynia, because I've been pretty disappointed with the fact that a multiple number of medical professionals have basically shrugged this off and invalidated my experiences, and the local sex store has been the only place to offer me any sort of resources for what I've been experiencing (the book Healing Painful Sex and a nifty cooling pack for vaginas). Could this be a hair follicle thing? I tried plucking half of my pubic hair a few days ago (leaving the other side for a control group) and the itching is significantly less annoying, though the bruised sensation is still there; it's just a lot more tolerable. But plucking was the most painful thing I've ever done. Should I find a dermatologist? Hair specialist? OB/GYNs have basically been failing me at this point, and I'm pretty desperate for answers other than the medical equivalent of "we have no idea, sorry bro."
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