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What is your experience of "Tight Pants Syndrome" or irritation down there?

Hi everyone,

I am a little concerned about a sort of soft bump I found on my left labia majora about a week ago. It's not even a proper "bump", in that it's not that high, it's barely visible to the eye unless you know it's there. It's also of the same color than the skin around it. The skin there does not look broken to me, maybe a little bit shinier than elsewhere on my vulva but I am not sure whether that's my worried mind playing tricks on me. I definitely feel two little roundish slightly swollen spots with my fingers.

I have gone for an STD check for the sake of peace of mind though I think it unlikely and am waiting for the results as of now.

I suspect it might be linked to wearing a new pair of high waisted and (very) tight denim shorts for a couple of days in a row, but as I have never gotten irritated from too tight clothing before, I'd like to hear how it played out when you did, to compare our experiences and see if they match.

I felt slight discomfort after wearing the shorts the first day, but dismissed it and wore it again the next day. The shorts kept rubbing my crotch as I walked and by the end of the second day I felt a kind of light burning sensation and itch. I had no way to try and take a look at that moment (I was on holiday in a small studio without a mirror), but I felt soft bumps where it itched, kind of a softer version of small mosquito bites.

I tried my best not to touch them too often hoping it would subside. Today I don't feel anything (no burning, no itch) unless I touch the two bumps that remained. It doesn't hurt or even tingle when I do, it slightly itches sometimes if I pinch them for quite a while trying to see how thicker the labia is there (weird thing to do, I know). Everything else feels ordinary to me, discharge, smell, color...

Has anything even remotely similar ever happened to anyone? How long after not wearing the irritating clothes does absolutely everything disappear and go back to normal for you?

Thank you! :)
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