fleetwood_mouse (fleetwood_mouse) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hi VP,

Last night I noticed UTI symptoms - painful/burning sensation, difficulty urinating, strange odor. I drank a lot of water and just woke up functioning more or less normal, so far... Could the problem have gone away on its own, or should I see a doctor anyway? And how long would you wait?

Background: I will be back in the country where I have health insurance in 5 days (but money and the language are not an insurmountable issue if I do have to go here). I had these symptoms last in 2006, when they also seemed to clear up on their own.

And I think I was dehydrated traveling yesterday, which seems like it could have contributed. Also, for the rest of my stay I pretty much only have leggings to wear - could this worsen things, or will I be alright? They're not skintight but they're not super breathable either.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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