canllefaes (canllefaes) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible cervical cancer

Four days ago I used a dildo and afterwards went to the toilet and peed and wiped and there was blood on the paper.

Today I went to the doctor and got examined and she confirmed there is a small "rough patch" on my cervix. I am being referred to a gynaecologist for further tests but it will be a few days before this happens (and then maybe a few more before I get results).

She said it was soft, which was good (said cancer would be more likely to be hard) and didn't bleed when she touched it (also good), although she said it did "have its own blood supply" (I didn't think to ask how she could tell). Said everything else in the uterus, ovaries etc seemed normal.

I am 37 and have never had and kind of sexual contact (including mouths and fingers) with anyone. Never smoked. Never been on hormonal contraception. No family history. None of the known risk factors apply; I think I am about as low-risk as you can get for cervical cancer.

I am in the UK. Before today I had never had a smear or any kind of examination below the waist. The last seven years I have used tampons and dildos; before than my hymen was more or less intact. Periods have been regular, normal and mostly painless since age 12.

The doctor said it might not be cancer, but wouldn't tell me what else it could be. Can anyone tell me what the other possibilities are? Many thanks.
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