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Pregnant, affects of Plan B or Mirena removal??

I really need some answers and my situation is a little complicating. I had my mirena iud removed this past Thursday morning. After 2 and a half years, the constant spotting was just getting out of control and I decided to get it removed. My fiancé and I were celebrating our two year anniversary this past Sunday. We had sex and he did not pull out. He finished completely inside me. I am 99% sure I was ovulating-very stretchy egg white cervical mucus that day and a slight cramp that morning. I also get some light ovulation spotting which I had on and off that day.

So from what I have read, the day the mirena is taken out, you're still able to get pregnant at any time. I take several medications (lamictal, keppra for my epilepsy, just also weaned off of Depakote-another med I was on for seizures). So I got pretty worried because I am no longer on mirena. My fiancé didn't realize I didn't start my new bc pills because I have to wait for my period, that's why he didn't pull out. I told him to run out and get me the Plan B pill that night, and I took it maybe 2 hours after the sex. I have no idea if it worked since it's only been a few days and its way too early to even consider a pregnancy test.

I've read mixed things about Plan B-that it doesn't work if you took it during ovulation, or it can still work by preventing fertilization, or keeping the egg from attaching to the uterus. There are so many factors in which it may or may not have worked. For one, I've had the mirena in for a long time and just recently had it removed (so maybe that alone protected me even if I hadn't taken plan b). But then if the mirena hormone had already gotten out of my system before the sex, maybe the plan b could work. But then I took it during ovulation. And not to mention my regular medications could have interacted with plan b's effectiveness (although I googled and couldn't find any interactions).

It's been 4 days passed ovulation and I had some light pink spotting when I wiped. Now it has turned minimal and brown just when I wipe. I haven't had any cramps. My boobs look bigger, feel heavier, and veiny. I see some raised bumps on my areolas and they also appear darker. I read its too early to see really any pregnancy symptoms or implantation bleeding. This is a tough waiting game. I don't know if these are early pregnancy signs or just my hormones out of wack due to the mirena removal and plan b (taken sunday night).

So to recap, Thursday morning mirena was out, Friday we had sex but he pulled out, Sunday we had sex and he finished inside me-also it was a "from behind sex position" sorry if that was TMI. Both times we had sex was during my fertile days, the one day when I was ovulating. Took Plan B about 2 hours after sex. Since then, I've noticed light pink to brown spotting just today, yesterday noticed larger, veiny boobs, dark areolas and raised bumps around nipples. Part of me would be happy if I was pregnant, but I know financially its not the best time. Any thoughts? my period is due August 8th.
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