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Paragard; retroverted uterus; cramping

Crossposted to IUD-Divas, yes. O:> But no responses, alas! O:(

Figured I'd try VP since I had another day where I had some... troubling... cramping and then pink stained potty-paper (really light pink, but definitely pink there), I am narrow-eyed but was not with-it enough today to call the doctor. Lack of sleep sucks. And some minor cramping has started up this evening. O:p

TL;DR: how long should I expect to have cramping from a Paragard IUD if I have a uterus in retrograde retroverted uterus? Should I be just taking an ibuprofen when it happens, or should I be worried that my uterus position is putting me at more risk of perforation/embedding? (And thus be on the phone to the doctor on Monday Edit: tomorrow if I remember, or meandering down to Urgent Care.)

*1 pregnancy, c-section at 7 months' gestation (not-quite-3-pound kid), scar is "bikini-line" -- which actually makes the perforation risks a little higher, the doctor said at first insertion. (-_-)
* And retroverted uterus (doctor gave no details beyond that; discovered at 2nd insertion).
* Ovarian cyst noticed during second insertion.
* 1st Paragard mostly expelled in the first month; this is the 2nd, installed after 1st was removed, about 2 weeks ago.
* Some pink on the toilet paper yesterday, and brownish cervical mucous, but nothing weird today the day after.
* Day after that, same symptoms as above, cleared up by that evening, and now it's today.

* cramping in midsection below navel, sometimes lower back, often to one side (presume ovarian cyst for that; it's on that side, which is, yes, appendix side), occasionally vaginal/anal area.
* No fever, chills, heavy/further bleeding, or pain to fully match the expulsion. (Which is why I'm not at Urgent Care.)

Country: US. Insurance: has gots.
Cis-gal if you need pronouns for me. O:>
(And the doctors who did the insertions, both of 'em, appeared female-presenting, if you need pronouns for them. O:> )

Long form:

So I'm on my second Paragard in as many months. Turns out I have a retroverted uterus, which is why the first Paragard decided it wanted to live in my cervix. (Not expel fully, just hang out there like a cervical troll. Um, NO.)

The second insertion was pretty bad and I'm glad that I had the cervical block for it (I didn't for the first), and that's how I found out I have a retroverted uterus. They didn't say how retroverted it was, but did indicate that the first IUD came out because the (less experienced) inserter for that one didn't realize that she hadn't found the real top of the uterus.

Doctor also said I appeared to have an ovarian cyst on one side, and she'd want to check on that in a month+2weeks.

So that period was pretty... intense... But the bleeding eventually stopped and I can still feel strings so I presume that the IUD hasn't decided to try the Grand Abdominal World Tour. Nor do I feel it trying to expel like IUD #1.

However, it's been around 2 weeks since it was installed and while I had a few days of "hey, everything's great!", I had a day of constipation a couple days ago and have been crampy ever since. It's being noticeably painful this afternoon and evening. So seeking reassurance that this is just my uterus being angry to be inhabited and then jostled around because it can't be bothered to sit on my bladder instead of cozying up to the highway to the potty. O:/

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