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Hysterectomy Exeperience?

Hey team!
So we figured out the reason I've been leaking urine and had ER-levels of bleeding with my HBC off-week last month: it seems I've grown another massive fibroid, and after 15 years of the system as a whole trying to kill me the docs seem to <i>finally</i> agree the appropriate course of action is to remove this cursed organ from my body.  No more menses!  No more abnormal paps!  No change of pregnancy, no further growths, no more waiting to see what happens down the line... I mean, my ovaries are still a ticking time bomb, but as I'm still under 30 I can definitely see the benefits of not electively going through permanent menopause quite yet if that's at all possible.

Wondering about others' experience with hysterectomy.  My surgeon is very well-versed with vaginal hysterectomies as well, but given that I've never been pregnant and the softball-sized tumor chillin' out there is seems like we're going in laparoscopicly.  This leaves me with the option of keeping my cervix, which seems to mostly lead to downsides in my mind - possibility of ectopic pregnancy, possibility of continuing to menstruate, possibility of cervical fibroids and further LGSILs/worse... but my gyn has suggested that at least anecdotally in her experience, the added structure can help prevent prolapse down the line/give some further attachment point if there is a prolapse they have to surgically correct?  My research ar least suggests there's not actually a statistical difference between the two cases, though.

Did you keep your cervix?  Lose it?  How did you decide if you had a choice between the two, and how did it work out for you?  What was life like post-surgery?  What sort of procedure did you have, and what was the recovery like?  Did your ovaries lay low for a bit afterward?  Did you unexpectedly lose ovarian function post-hysterectomy?  What was bladder function like?  How was your vaginal lubrication?  What else should I be asking you, and what should I be asking my gyn and my surgeon?
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