shadowstar2 (shadowstar2) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ugh. Perimenopause?!?!

Hey :) So I started skipping periods a few years ago. I had been on the extreme side of regular. Every 4th Tuesday without exception up until my 40th year. That's when things started getting weird.
I'm wondering if anyone else has some sage words of wisdom having experienced this barrel of laughs....well tears and erratic mood swings.
Now I'm 43 and I don't know what's normal and what isn't and to make it worse no one wants to talk about it. A year ago I finally came to terms with my cycle and accepted it after 28 years. I found out about menstrual cups and got a few, thinking finally I've found the best thing ever.
Now I barely get my period. A few months ago I had a semi heavy flow. Since then it feels like I'm about to get my period on a daily basis and for the past 6 days have been spotting. It's annoying and just adds to my erratic moods that go from weepy to angry in a second. I also started a new job early May so it's been a stressful time. Trying to come to terms with what my doctor calls perimenopause and doesn't think there's any issues. But I think it's weird and bizarre and can help wondering why no one talks about it. There are so many symptoms I'm not prepared for. My mother isn't around so I can't talk to her but from what I remember her flow got crazy heavy. And she experienced fingers crossed I don't experience that.
Is anyone else suffering in silence? I never thought the day would come when I would wish my period would flow instead of this strange spotting. Anyone found something to ease the syptoms effectively?
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