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Various PMS Symptoms, but Late Period. HELP.

UPDATE: Thank you guys for replying back. Fortunately, my period came 2 weeks late.

My period was due in May 24th, but it's June 5th and I did not get it yet. Obviously, I'm freaking about about this. I am sexually-active, but we are careful. We use a condom correctly before intercourse (I check if it's defected, and if not, I make sure that he's wearing it correctly), and my boyfriend never ejaculates inside me (we will have sex, but he masturbates 2 feet away from me for 1 - 2 minutes in the end to ejaculate, pees rightafter, and we never have sex more than once on the same day lol).

My period is usually around the clock. Unfortunately, whenever I stress out about..anything, I'll get it a week later. I do have a history of panic attacks and anxiety. And I'm usually stressed out. The latest I received a late-period was about 3 weeks in 2008 (because my family and I were moving to a different house and I ended a relationship, so it is obvious why it's late).

Now May 2016 was hell for me. I've been stressed with my health, work, and school. I found my first few grey hairs on my head (LOL). I experienced my 4th cold that lasted for a week, with a bad cough that lasted for two more weeks (the cough hurt my ribs and unwillingly forced what I ingested to come out again). I've been switching from Nyquil to Robitussin, and took cough drops religiously. I've been actively studying for my final exams 3 - 4 days a week, and finished in May 27th (I was .5% away from getting an A, so I studied my butt off). And I had moments where I thought I'll be fired from work due to my negligence, and it got to the point where I had a mini-panic attack. The experience made me feel a little depressed for a few days.. I took sleeping pills for an entire week and this homeopathic remedy to calm anxiety and stress in my body for 2 days. My scare at work also happened during my ovulation period, so the stress can be a factor? A couple of days ago was moving day at my work, so I had to help in packing and unpacking things this past week.

A couple of days before my usual period, my primary symptoms are moodiness, feeling bloated, sore breasts, and PMS cramps around my lower abdomen. Occasionally, I'll get food cravings, migraines, and anything else you can think of, but it happens in every 2 - 3 cycles.

Apparently, I noticed that my breasts weren't hurting the week before my period, so I thought it was very alarming. Instead, my nipples started feeling sore and tender from 05/28 to now, but they were easy to deal with. I did get moody (like today, I was crying and I know that there is nothing to cry about, lol), and I'm experiencing lower back pains since 06/02. They're very dull pains and I can handle them. The back pains freaked me out, because this was a rare PMS symptom I experience. Lately, I've been doing paperwork on my bed, so I don't know if my back pains are because of bad posture or PMS. I also have sudden twinge-feelings and small cramps in my lower abdomen area since 05/31. Today, I experienced a small episode of fatigue and a migraine, but the fatigue subsided after 30 minutes and I took ibuprofen to prevent my migraine from getting worse.

I also have an increase discharge. In the week of May 24th, I experienced a clear, stretchy discharge. Then this week, the discharge varied from clear and watery, to white and cottage cheese-like (<- this only happened during my moving days at work). Other than that, I see NO signs of blood whatsoever, though I kept assuming that the discharge was my period. Whomp.

I'm sorry if my post is all over the place, and I really appreciate you guys helping me out. I know and am afraid that pregnancy is a possibility because these symptoms are similar to pregnancy as well, even if I know that it's a low, low chance. I never felt nauseous. My breasts fluctuate from being sore to not sore. If they are sore, it's very manageable to deal with. Today was the ONLY day I felt fatigued and other days felt normal. I don't have any food aversions and I can control my cravings pretty well. But the lower back pains, random twinges, and discharge makes me feel uneasy like there's a possibility. I just want to be reassured that my period will come eventually and it's late due to all the stress I went through in May, hahah. Or can it be possible that I skip this period and wait another month for my next? I did realize that the amount of medicine I consumed showed that I'm not taking care of my body properly..so can that be a factor?

I'll be going on vacation this Monday, so I hope this will keep my mind off my late period and eventually it'll come. Thank you guys.
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