_fae_ (bratty_lil_fae) wrote in vaginapagina,

Umbilical Hernia & Tubes Tied?

Longtime lurker, have a question hoping the lovely people here can help with. Maybe somebody has had experience with this slightly specific question?

I have had three babies, the youngest is still nursing. Hubby had a vasectomy shortly after baby was born, however we have an open marriage and as such I want my tubes tied too. Our plan was to wait until baby weans and go from there.

I have been doing physical therapy for a diastasis recti and she determined I also have an umbilical hernia that she believes I need referal to a surgeon to have repaired, physical therapy won't fix that.

I have a Dr's appointment next month to get that referral, my question is, could they tie my tubes at the same time they fix the umbilical hernia? Is that a thing? 'cuz if so, that would certainly make life a lot easier.
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