rosie (salgueirinho) wrote in vaginapagina,

Which size MoonCup?

I finally bought a MoonCup this morning after wanting to try to for ages, unfortunately because I was on my way too work and didn't spend too much time reading the box, I got confused and bought size A (the larger size) instead of size B. I'm 28 and haven't had kids, so size B is recommended.

I know the sizing isn't black and white, and I'm not far off 30 when the larger size is recommended, so I'm just wondering if you were me would you try to exchange it for the smaller size? Based on sizecharts if you are used to inserting things in your vagina....well the wider size should be fine. And...I'm not *not* used to doing that...!

If you were me would you try to exchange it, or would you just use the larger size? I'm not even sure they *will* exchange this kind of product but slightly too big is better than too small right?

I know it's not clear cut but I'm just wondering what the general consensus is...thanks!
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