halfandhalfs (halfandhalfs) wrote in vaginapagina,

birth control beginner

hi everyone,

i recently started drospirenone ethinyl estradiol (yaz 28 generic) and i had a few questions. this is my first time taking birth control so i'm fairly clueless here. i started the pack on the first day of my period and still had a fairly heavy period (abnormally so) and now on day 10 i'm still having some slight bleeding and heavy, thick brownish sticky discharge. i would say day 8 is when my period-like bleeding stopped and the spotting/discharge started. my periods are regularly 5 days at most so this is a little concerning to me. the white placebos are at the end of the pack so i was assuming that i was starting the hormones right away when i started the pack, please correct me if i'm mistaken though! is this normal? am i doing something wrong? just as a side note, i'm not currently sexually active and the only other medication i take daily is lexapro which i've been on for a few months and don't think has anything to do with these issues.

also, just curious, i have read that some people that use birth control pills take 21 days and then start a new pack immediately instead of taking the placebos. is this safe to do? do you skip your period altogether?

again, sorry if this is a silly question. any insight would be appreciated!
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