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Period-like bleeding started 3 days after D&C/LEEP

I'm posting rather than searching past posts because baby is napping & could wake up any minute. I apologize.

Some background: I had an abnormal pap in January (I think she said agus cells of endocervical origin were found?), colposcopy (and endocervical biopsy) in February with normal results. After the colp I had a little bleeding for a day, then nothing for a few days, then something like a period for a few days. I'm nursing baby girl (she was 7 months at the time) & hadn't had my period return yet, so I figured it had to be from the procedure. Doc said it was probably my period coming back, but I just though the timing was too weird. A month & a half later my period DID return. And I knew it was coming because I knew when I ovulated that time (which I have never been able to tell before) because of increased mucousy discharge & cramping. About a week & a half/two weeks ago, I ovulated again. But last Friday I had a D&C/LEEP done under general anesthesia (doc wanted to make sure there's nothing abnormal going on, considering the "type" of cells found on my pap) and, again, very little bleeding that day, none the following two days. Yesterday, MAJOR cramping, and unleash the flood gates. Would I still be having a period if they "cleaned everything out" last week? I'm anxious to see the pathology results next week. Hopefully it's nothing. But is this kind of cramping/bleeding 4 days out normal? Am I being paranoid? I've had chills, but no fever, if that's relevant.
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