karalove8 (karalove8) wrote in vaginapagina,

Am I Being Paranoid? Herpes Risk?

Hello ladies!

I am hoping to get some relief as I am pretty paranoid right now. Over a week ago, I had an encounter with a guy I'm talking to. Not full on intercourse, just on top of underwear grinding, fingering, and a massage. Neither of us were clothed while he massaged me and his penis was often laying in between my butt cheeks or on my back. Now I've been having muscle pain and the area between my thigh and pelvic bone is tender to the touch. One bump that looks more like an ingrown hair than anything ( it isn't painful to touch and not crusting over). And I have been sneezing, but no fever, chills, headache or anything like that. I've looked up what could cause this and of course Google only returned back search results for STDs, particularly herpes. Could I have possibly gotten genital herpes from this encounter? I do have oral HSV-1 (since childhood). Is there any protection against getting the second type down below? He was tested in January but I told him routine STD checks don't always check for HSV. I inspected him the night of pretty closely and he didn't have any lesions or anything on him, but I know if he has it, it can be transferred even if he doesn't have lesions. Should I be worried or am I just losing my mind? lol

Thanks for any help you may have!!
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