vaghypocond (vaghypocond) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bump on cervix

I am just wondering if any of you had a bump/bumps on your cervix? I have had the same partner for the last year, normal paps (last one in Feb of this year), and discovered a bump on my cervix last week! I went to a walk in and the doctor there could not visually see it but feel it- he concluded that it was just part of my cervix. Fast forward to this morning I went to pee and discovered that I was bleeding! There was no blood or discharge on my underwear though. The blood was light red, nothing compared to period blood. So I went to my normal GP and he said it was a nabothian cyst that had "burst." I did some research at home and found that these cysts don't pop and bleed. When he visually exam my cervix he said there was slight inflammation from where the spot was but it was barely noticeable. Has anyone had anything similar happen? I have never experienced anything like this before! I am 24 with no kids.

EDIT: I noticed a pattern the last few days that I only bleed after a bowel movement and it stops throughout the day - So three days later and I am still bleeding
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