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What is normal?

So I am currently getting over a cold.. this is relevant because on the first day of an illness i usually get a pretty obvious yeast overgrowth which I remedy with boric acid. I feel like I am always having a candida issue down there which frustrates me.. The only question I have is what is normal? When I am healthy I tend to see only small flakes in my discharge, which makes me freak out. Other days, its dryer and flakier, but nothing compared to a "full on" yeast discharge. Is this still considered a "yeast infection?"
The weird thing is I never have an itch, so I usually check my CM daily. Is it normal to have this small amount in discharge, or is it a sign on an underlying problem? I have been to the gyno and he has prescribed me creams but they did not work so i stick with boric acid. I look at CM pictures online and although they look like mine, I am always very anxious about letting it be. :( Thanks for your help

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