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Body changes after nexplanon insertion?

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here and I feel terribly awkward asking this, but I've had a nexplanon implant in my arm for about four months now and I keep getting the impression that my body is changing down there. I have no objective proof of it since I only started wondering how everything looked like very recently, and I'm getting obsessed trying to figure whether I'm just imagining things... :/ It's probably nothing, but I'm worried sick.

EDIT : It's a strange question to ask, but is it ordinary for fleshier inner lips to feel very firm to the touch? Not hard, but sort of bouncing back when poked and a litle bumpy on the inside though no bumps seem visible?

I'm 23 and only became sexually active six months ago. Prior to that, I have never really dared take a mirror and look at my own vulva or this kind of thing, so my knowledge of my own body is frustratingly limited.

I have had my nexplanon inserted four months ago, and about two months ago, out of curiosity, I took a mirror and a flashlight and had a real look at my vulva for the first time. At that time, I had coincidentally felt a little, hard lump next to my left labia minora and was very worried, which is what motivated the exploration as well.

Since then, I've been to both my general practitioner and my gynecologist, both women, and both told me that my vulva and vagina looked healthy to them.

I would be very happy to believe them and not keep frightening myself over small details that I can't even be certain about. But I feel like my labia minora are changing.

I don't really know how to explain this, but I feel like they are kind of shrinking. In my memory, they used to stretch a little farther and felt thinner and softer to the touch before nexplanon. Now they feel thicker and plump, but it's as if they were sort of pulling back? I feel like they look much smaller now, and I don't know what to think of it.

I read terrible things about people experiencing labia shrinking until total loss of labia minora and clitoris, but from what I found out it seemed to me that most of the cases were caused by a decrease of estrogen due to menopause. Now if I remember well, nexplanon works with progestative hormones, right? It sounds unlikely to me, but could it induce a decrease in estrogen? Or could the fact that I started to have sex several times every week all of a sudden bring about changes of that kind?

I have no symptom at all, no itchiness, no dryness, no pain even when I pinch the labia minora, no burning sensation, nothing red or hot to the touch... Only this disturbing impression that every time I look at my labia they seem a little smaller to me. Since it was the first time I had my vulva examined by my gyno and general practitioner, they wouldn't be able to tell about that...

I took a picture this morning telling myself that I would at least have something to compare with in a few weeks.

Does this look "normal" to you? Labia minora that end way before the perineum?

Has anyone noticed any kind of change with their body after starting to use a nexplanon implant?

Thank you very much for reading my panicked rant :)
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