Jenny Kay (jennykay79) wrote in vaginapagina,
Jenny Kay

Reappering, disappearing period

I am breastfeeding a 14-month-old.

In February, when my daughter turned 1, we moved. It was hugely stressful. On the move weekend, I got my first postpartum period. No fair! With my first, I didn't get my period back until I stopped pumping (about 17 months postpartum).

I have not had a period since (it's April 10).

I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, beginning a few days after I would have expected a second period. They were old tests, but not expired. All negative.

My daughter had decreased her nursing frequency a bit in February and has since increased.

Is this a thing? Could stress and decreased nursing trigger a period, and then when the baby increases nursing and I'm not so stressed, it stops again?

Or should I go buy more pregnancy tests?

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