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Genitan Violet, horrific reaction...

I have been having BV for 8 years,. I have been through almost 30 cures(with doctors,over the counter,homeopathic,natural just every fucking thing and its been an expensive failure). I put this one off but after nothing else working and reading how well it worked for others with the same problem I figured I should do this. I followed a and 10 year old success story I found here, and thought this will work. I found a guide on a medical site on how to do it to confirm it. And I don't know what happened but it went TERRIBLY WRONG. Right now I have more itching,burning,rawness and pain I have ever felt.

First day:
I did a genitan violet soaked tampon for 2 hours- went okay

Second night: I decided to try genitan violet pills that I had froze myself so it can reach the cervix, well they didn't freeze and they burst, getting all over my labia minora but some did go in..

Third day: Some of the violet was still sitting at the entrance of my vagina, I tried to put it in with a dropper it went, it set for an hour and the rest came out, Did another tampon(diluted with mostly water) for about 5 hrs  later that day ... (this is probably the day I fucked up)

That night - I notice I was very very itchy and I thought I could get some of it off with water...then I had the idea to use soap...why did I do that? I wasn't thinking! But I wasn't prepared for what would come next...
BURNING PAIN, SCOLDING PAIN, I jumped in the shower and water didn't help it just hurt more.. I sat in the tub and cried...

I haven't done anything it really since (been two days) as it burns to pee sometimes(although sometimes soothing), I try to soothe it with coconut oil and vaseline.. they aren't much just burning and itching... The parts that burn is everything in my labia minora, including my vestibular papillae (which appeared after getting BV 8 years ago and won't go away), the entrance, just everything.. The inside of me doesn't really burn or have any problems but maybe because it didn't get far...

Does anyone have experience with this?

also everything I've ever tried for BV:

  1. 1. FOLIC ACID (2014-16)

  2. METRO GEL (2008,2013)

  3. MONISTAT  (2009)

  4. GARLIC (2015)


    • ACCURAFLORA (2012)

    • FEMDOPHILIUS (2015)

    • YOGURT(2009,2015)

  6. ZINC(2015)


  8. AMOXICILLIN (2008)

  9. AZO (2009,2011)

  10. REPHRESH (2009)

  11. VINEGAR (2014,2015)

  12. PEROXIDE (2015)

  13. DOUCHING (2015)

  14. CLINDAMICYIN (2013)

  15. FLAGYL (2008)

  16. DIFICULAN (2008)

  17. BORIC ACID (2014,2015)

  18. VITAMIN C (2015)

  19. BAKING SODA (2015)

  20. Fluconazole (2009)

  21. Miconazole nitrate (2009)

  22. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (2014,2015)

  23. WATER (2014,2015)

  24. EPSOM SALT BATHS (2015)

  25. DIET CHANGES (2008-2015)

  26. TEA TREE OIL (2014)

  27. NORFORMS (2015)


  29. GARLIC

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