sweetest sin. (___sorrow) wrote in vaginapagina,
sweetest sin.

Change start date of pills after stacking?

Hello there!

I'm on Yasmin and have been for a few years. I take my last active pill on Wednesday and start my 7 day placebo pills on a Thursday and usually get my period around Saturday night or Sunday morning, although occasionally there is some bleeding on Friday. Then I start the next active pill the following Thursday. The thing is, my boyfriend lives two hours away so we usually see each other only on weekends twice a month or so. Often, my period coincides with these weekends and makes sex much less fun because the first few days of my bleed is usually more like nasty brown smelly discharge.

I've stacked my pills the last two months because the start of my period would have coincided with two long weekends, so I didn't want to have it. So I've had more than 40 active pills in a row. I'm seeing my boyfriend this weekend and, you guessed it, am due for my bleed.

I'm wondering if it would be safe for me to change the start date of my pills.....buy a new pack of pills, take active pills Thursday-Saturday and essentially change my "start" day to take the placebo/active pills on Sunday's. Then, take the seven sugar pills to induce the withdrawal bleeding and keep the rest of that pack for emergencies (lost pills, etc). Then start with a brand new pack on the following Sunday. Is this safe?

I hope that I have explained myself well! We don't use condoms, only the pill, so I do want to have the withdrawal every once in awhile for reassurance :)
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