Howls of Sorrows (akkiash) wrote in vaginapagina,
Howls of Sorrows

Gential Herpes concerns

Hey everyone, I need help with this. So I have the HBC implant in my arm, and only had it since the end of aug. 2015. Well since I've been on it, I've gotten periods that would last like 3 weeks, and then disappear for like a month or so.

Since I been on this HBC I've had this mass pop up on my inner vaginal lip, towards my vaginal opening. It was really swelled up and I didn't even know it was there till it was pretty big and I looked with a mirror. Other then that, I didn't even know it was there piror. Nothing came from the lump, no oozing, or it popped, scabbed over, nothing of the sort. Just went away when my so called period was stopping.

Then it happened again, but on the other inner vaginal lip. Figured, it's gotta be a weird side effect going on with the HBC or my body doing something weird, cuz it usually does with my period.

And then it happened again, last Wensday-Thurdays. Didn't know they were there till they were really irratated. And no period or any type of vaginal bleeding. There was 3 of them this time, one on the left inner vagnial lip by the vaginal opening, one down below the vaginal opening and the other was just right across the uretha starting on the inner vaginal lip. And then between the Clitoris area there were like sores, like it was irratated like something rubbed it raw.

So I couldn't get in to see my doctor till this tuesday and I told her what was going on. First she said she didn't know what it was, then said it looked like herpes, then said she didn't know what it was, and pretty much acted like it was a normal thing, didn't explain anything to me. I even mentioned it happened before, but not like this and it did when I had the periods and I asked if this might be a side effect to the birth control. She didn't say anything and just blew it right off. Plus I've been taking chantix to stop smoking too.

So now I don't know what I'm even dealing with, since my doctor doesn't know. Course the sores are almost gone which I tried to get in before hand. She don't me she wasn't going to bother taking any swabs or clutures or blood test of the area because she told me it would just come back Positive anyways before everyone has some form of the herpes virus. Now is this honestly true?! Should I go get a second look at this? If I do, I'll have to wait til they come back, if they do.

I've been looking online at pictures of Genital Herpes and mine look nothing like those. From what I've seen, their showing up in like clusteres (3 or more in the same area or close together), their filled with fluids, looking like nasty ulcers. Mine look nothing like this at all. Mine look like their just irratated sores like something was rubbing at them wrong like maybe my jeans or something at work. They don't look like ulcers or something is eating at them. Their just round, red, with some white on them like their healing. I know they were big filled fluids, or popped, and their not scabbing up at all from what I'm seeing in these pictures..

Can anyone give me info. or help me with this? Since I'm not really getting any info from my doctor and she mainly just blew it off and now I'm scared now.

And also. My doctor told me too it was really rare to pass on genital herpes if I'm not having an outbreak. This that seriously true?! I'm pretty sure its not, but this doctor is telling me this..
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