supersquib (supersquib) wrote in vaginapagina,

Should my hymen hurt when I touch it?

Hi y'all,

So, I'm a virgin, and I've always assumed that the reason penetration with more than one finger hurt was just because my hymen wasn't stretched out enough. But this theory doesn't really hold, because even with one finger, if I angle it downwards towards my anus it burns too much to continue, and then is sore for a little while after. Even touching the area around the bottom of my vaginal opening wihout penetrating myself is painful sometimes. It's only ever at the entrance-- once I get past that it's smooth sailing.

Does this sound normal? When I try to touch/stretch my hymen should I feel ... a good burn? or a burn at all? It really doesn't feel good. I was thinking that this might be vestibulodynia/vulvodynia if it's not normal.

Thanks a lot.
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