shelshell (shelshell) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain when inserting Tampons?

Hi everyone,

I've been having some problems inserting tampons. Before now I never used them and I would only use sanitary towels but for convenience reasons I decided to try out tampons. I'm not sure if I'm inserting them wrong or if I'm not relaxed enough but I experience excruciating pain whenever I try to put one in or take one out, it's so bad it takes me a little while to recover from the whole ordeal, I end up in tears and everything.

I did have problems with a reoccurring yeast infection and I've noticed my skin down there isn't as supple as it was before, it's more dry and can be quite tender to touch, could this be related to my problem? I've also never had sex before so I'm a little freaked out that when I do eventually have it, it'll be difficult.

Any advice? thanks!
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