quasinonymous (quasinonymous) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uterine lining (?) and very heavy flow...

So I just had the fun experience of soaking through a night time pad in about an hour (maybe 2 hours, wasn't really keeping track), followed by passing some huge blood clots and a small flesh coloured chunk. Questions:

1. The flesh coloured thing is normal right? This is a thing that would have freaked me out way more if it weren't for having read about it on VP. But is it normal like "call your doctor tomorrow", or "mention to your doctor next time you're there", or "don't even bother bringing it up"?

2. At what point do I need to worry that I'm losing blood too quickly?

3. Anyone have tips for getting blood out of a fabric chair? (sigh...)

Thank you!!
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