a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Fibroid questions

I posted a few days ago about heavy/prolonged bleeding. Went to the doctor today, and while my ovarian cyst is shrinking (mine never do that, so yay), I have a 7 cm fibroid taking up significant space in my uterus.

I asked the doctor twice if I should be concerned about it being cancerous or in any way life-threatening; he said no and that they're 99.9 benign. But it IS growing pretty fast - my uterus was empty last June. Apparently this is unusual, and he wants to see me again in 3 months to monitor its growth if my periods don't go back to normal.

Can anyone here recommend resources for information about fibroids? Like a dumbass, I googled fast-growing fibroids and every result is COULD BE A RARE CANCER! I'm going to assume my doctor (he does and interprets his own ultrasounds, which is awesome since I need them regularly) knows a cancerous growth when he sees it. But I do want to know realistically what the risk might be, and the significance, if any, of its speedy growth. I'm terrible at thinking of questions to ask when I'm actually IN THE OFFICE, because I'm too busy George Costanza-ing about whether or not it's deadly.

And I forgot to ask about the discharge I've been having. I was wondering what you all would do in this situation - assume it's unrelated/not a signifier of uterine cancer after all and bring it up with him at my next appointment, or call back immediately? If it makes a difference I'm pretty sure this started before last year's appointment (it's been off and on for so often I've forgotten it's abnormal) when my uterus was clear.
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