jade2896 (jade2896) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help! I have Bacterial Infection & Yeast infection at the same time

well it seems like i will never be at peace with my vagina. Its always one thing after another. I had a weird discharge going on for a few months but no fishy odor. It did burn and it was a lot of discharge sometimes yellow or greenish i really didnt pay much attention to it since i have another condition that i could not stop thinking about.Chronic itching on my vulva so it was hard to tell if i had a yeast infection. So in Dec 2015 i went to the GYN and she swabbed me and found out i had bacterial vaginosis. She gave me flagyl to take for 5 days and sent me away.I took the pills but i still had a discomfort,again ive had so many issues down there that couldnt tell if it went away or not and plus i thought BV was fishy odor but i didnt have that so i was confused and still am.So i went back again last week because my vagina was on FIRE and itchy and i was sure i had a yeast infection, she swabbed me and said i indeed had a yeast infection BUT i still had BV. UM what? so now im thinking did flagyl even work or did sex cause it to come back, i know from all the threads ive been reading it could be both. So now im stressing out because i have to take antibiotics again and on top of that treat the yeast infection. Im just so sad and i wish being a woman wasnt so hard im so stressed i dont even know what to buy. Im thinking of starting probiotics and we'll see from there.
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