I Forgot! (dolphin_grl) wrote in vaginapagina,
I Forgot!

seasonique, camrese, other 4 periods a year pills

I've been on camrese (generic seasonique) for 9 weeks. I have been very crampy with a lot of breast tenderness and I've been having breakthrough bleeding enough to wear a pad since the beginning of WEEK FOUR!!! It keeps getting heavier and I'm soooooooo over it. Will this stop after I have my period? Should I just try a regular monthly BC? Will changing pills cause any problems???

One period a month is better than spotty bleading 24/7 for nearly 3 months. I have been unable to have oral sex with my boyfriend and he literally hates it because that's his favorite thing.

Experiences? I've never been on bc before, what should I do? Stick with it through another 3 month pack or change pills to where I get a period each month? I've heard there's a three day period one?

I've NEVER been more than 2-3 minutes late taking the pill and I notice if I take advil it will GREATLY lesson the flow but I obviously cant do that daily for 3 months.
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