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No bleed after D&C(?)

Hello. I'm wondering if any of you could help solve a bit of a mystery for my mum.

Her and my dad tried for ages to have me and as part of the help they ended up receiving my mum had some sort of procedure about 2 weeks after her period in the September. She was given a pregnancy test before it. She thinks this was a D&C.

She was warned that she would bleed afterwards. She woke up with a thick pad on but she didn't bleed at all, and didn't get a period in the months after (irregular before, I think, the reason for the procedure; as well as having long heavy periods). In the January she mentioned some symptoms to her friend who said it sounded like pregnancy - and she went to the doctor and lo and behold there I was! :)

She was given a due date of July based on conceiving after the date of the procedure. However when she went to have an ultrasound she was told she was "further along" than that.

I was born in early June but I weighed 7lbs 3oz.

When my mum tried to directly ask the Dr who did the D&C, the Dr literally snapped "Well she's here, isn't she?!" about her concerns and it put her off asking any more questions, but she'd always wondered.

So does anyone have any idea what happened?

These are our 3 guesses/wonderings:

1. Mum's egg was fertilised just a couple of days before the procedure (making her approximate date of last period and my date birth correct, within a week), and so blastocyst-me wouldn't have made it to the uterus yet, right? But where would it have implanted after the procedure when all of the endometrial lining was removed?
Although if it was removed, why wasn't there a bleed?

2. Maybe they discovered mum was pregnant when she was anaesthetised (last-minute check??) and didn't do the procedure at all, that the pad was put on by a nurse who didn't know the situation, and there was just very poor communication by all staff involved!

3. Mum simply got pregnant after the procedure as intended (but again, the mystery of no bleeding directly after) and I was just a deceptively large foetus and a good weight for being a month early.

Which is most likely? Something else?

Thanks for reading, I hope someone has ideas.
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