sushikiss (sushikiss) wrote in vaginapagina,

Using the Pill to cut the length of period?

Hi, guys. I take Tri-Sprintec and have been on birth control (though several different brands) for almost four years. I've been on Tri-Sprintec for about a year, I think.

My inactive pills begin this upcoming Tuesday, and I planned to have sex with my friends-with-benefits on the Saturday of the same week. Usually, my period starts anywhere from the first to fourth day of being on the inactive pills and usually lasts four or five days. I once tried to skip my period by automatically taking the next pack of pills on the first day of the withdrawal week, but I ended up spotting and eventually getting my period that month, anyway.

If I take this month's inactive pills for two days (on Tuesday and Wednesday) and then skip to next month's active pill on Thursday, will my period stop/be shortened by Saturday?

Does anyone have any advice or experience? Any input is appreciated!

EDIT: Hey, guys! It worked (so far)! I have so far successfully skipped my period! Last time, I thought I did as well and then it came a week later, but this time it seems to have truly worked. Thanks for your responses. You guys, as usual, have been very helpful. :)

EDIT 2: Hi again! So it turns out my period did indeed delay like last time. It came exactly one week after I started my new pack. Oh well!
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