Rachel. (lovediscomfort) wrote in vaginapagina,

Does vaginal Metronidazole cause yeast infections?

I just realized I have BV. My boyfriend and I had a LOT of great sex over Valentine's day weekend and I fell asleep one night insteaad of cleaning up like I usually do... the day he left I noticed that dreaded fishy smelly first thing in the morning. Discharge is really milky, smells bad, and I only have light itching. I'm prone to YI's but have done a pretty good job of keeping them away for about 6 months now. I *know* the difference between a YI and BV, without any doubt. I have only had BV maybe 3 or 4 times in my life but it's unmistakeable.

I was prescribed a Metronidazole 5 day vaginal cream by my doctor earlier last year when I had BV, but it ended up going away on it's own pretty quick with a natural remedy. So I never used it, and still have it, which is great! That means I don't have to go to the doctor (I don't have time to go anyway... and I JUST went on Tuesday :|). When I took Metronidazole *orally* in the past it gave me a yeast infection. I *really* don't want to deal with that because I currently have an ovarian cyst and my period is coming up in about a week. Having BV, a YI, this cyst, and my usually horrible period would fucking SUCK.

But since this is the cream... I'm wondering if that's less likely to give me a YI. It's still an antibiotic, it's just a different form, and it's not going through my whole system like an antibiotic would. I googled it but didn't really find anything else. I can probably call a nurse line and ask but I wanted to see if anyone here had any experience or has any knowledge on that. I also currently take antibiotics long term for a health condition and so it's been pretty amazing that I've kept the YI's away for as long as I have, and I'm pretty happy about it! Worst comes to worst I can buy an OTC YI cream... but I would rather not get one at all. Is it guaranteed that I will if I use the 5 day Metronizadole cream? Or should I be okay and probably won't get one?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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