ladyemmmm (ladyemmmm) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another HPV question

I am older than most people on here and feel like i should have a handle on this, but I don't LOL. I was a very happy, single woman for many sex life ebbed and flowed, but I always used condoms and all paps, blood tests, etc came out clean. About four years ago, I reconnected with an old friend and things got serious. Prior to him, I'd had clean tests and no sex for two years (and he was clean as far as he knew) so we dumped the condoms. The first pap after we got together was fine...but a year, or so, later it came back positive for HPV. It was a new doctor who said it was possible/probable that I hadn't been tested before now. I was late getting in for the six month check up after the HPV+ result and found out today I'm now negative. Great do I know if i gave it to my BF while it was in my system? Can he reinfect me?
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