pixiepie12345 (pixiepie12345) wrote in vaginapagina,

HPV and abnormal pap 3 weeks after losing virginty

Hi there,

I recently lost my virginity (using a condom) and about 3 weeks later, I had a Pap smear come back with Hpv and some low grade cervical cell changes. The GP drew a graph for me from 0-5 with 0 being normal and 5 being cancer and mine was around 0.5. I have had the gardasil vaccination years ago. The GP recommended retesting in a year.

This obviously freaked me out and I'm worried that these changes have occurred in only 3 weeks. The GP said anything to worry about takes a long time to develop but I'm concerned because mine has happened fairly quickly.

I'm probably dreaming here but can there be false results from a Pap smear? The timing and other stuff don't quite add up for me (I didn't ask the dr because at the time they told me I didn't realize this was an sti).

Words of wisdom? Anything I can do?

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