smallestblair (smallestblair) wrote in vaginapagina,

Just a random question and I can't find the answer

Hi, anyway I'll get straight to it. I still have a YI after about 5 months (?) and I'm past done. It's ruining everything! I have to wear panty liners everyday, changing twice :-/ it ruins my mood everyday just knowing what's going on. It annoys my boyfriend because it was recently our 9 month anniversary and we couldn't do anything at all. I'm on the pill, and I'm sure that's what's making it worse. I'm also wondering if it's the condom we used, or the lube? I take a pill, it goes and I'm like "yes finally" and we end up having protected sex and I'm sure the stuff (condoms and sensilube) we use makes it come back.

He's a clean person, so am I (Update, I now know that's got nothing to do with getting the infection) . I'm a clean eater too, since about 3 months ago. I can't even pinpoint what the hell could be making it come back so quickly and aggressive. I've been to the doctor, tried all the pills. I was wondering if anyone has any natural remedies for me to try? I'm not to keen on the garlic one by the way.

I also have another question; does it ruin your insides? I want kids so bad when I'm older I just hope having so many YI doesn't ruin your cycle and chances of getting pregnant when older. I've tried looking for answers like usual and none are specific enough for me to have 100% understanding. No info leaflet tells me, and no website at all. Sorry for ANOTHER question about this and I know these kinds are frowned upon but I'm desperate as hell.
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