it's a hybrid theory (rabbitfacts) wrote in vaginapagina,
it's a hybrid theory

Blood in urine but no infection?!

Hey all...

Apologies if this is a bit off the subject matter, but I don't really know where else to ask this question!

Basically, I've been having some strange abdominal cramping, mainly confined to my lower back right hand side and near my hip, though recently I've also had some stomach cramping though my IBS is playing up so I'm more likely to think it's that? However, my bladder is being frustrating as usual (needing to urinate every 30 mins-1 hour) though this is not unusual for me as I normally have issues with frequency even on a normal day. However, I was worried because f the strange misplaced cramps, so it was suggested on another forum that perhaps it could have been a UTI.

I took a UTI test just this evening as I have a self-test kit. However, the two times I put my urine strip into the urine, it's come back with the same result - between a trace and +25 blood result. I don't know if this is maybe something I'm doing wrong (this is only the third time doing this kind of test) but it's a little worrying as leukocytes and protein were both normal. The only other thing that was high was S.G...

I'm not really sure what could cause this in the absence of an infection. I don't have any burning or nausea or anything right now. I'm not literally having SEVERE bladder pain or anything, just the frustrating pressure to go every 30 mins as mentioned.

What could cause this? Do I have to worry? Whenever I end up sending a sample off to be tested, it always comes back negative and I've had two lots of antibiotic this year already (one over the new year, the other 3 weeks later but that turned out to be neg)

I don't wanna unnecessarily take any antibiotics but I don't wanna leave this to develop into something terrible. Does the urine strip sometimes come out wrong or can other factors affect the result??

Just to add that I'm not on a period right now (finished five/six days ago) and the blood wasn't visible to the naked eye.
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