kitkatcat (kitkatcat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Leaky condoms

Hello everyone!

So Ill give you the quick and dirty and you can tell me if i should be worried.

My boyfriend and I had sex tonight. We put on the condom like we normally do, checked that it was on a day that I wasnt ovulating with my Clue app, and applied some Contragel to the base of the condom and the tip! (We always do for good measure)

He came and I fit in a few more good thrusts before getting off of him. When I went to remove the condom I noticed a bit of semen around his shaft and thought I maybe saw some around the base of his penis. I quickly ran to the washroom and washed my hands, and pushed about a tablespoon of Contragel up to my cervix and spead it around my vaginal walls.

Now my question is, do you think I should hit it with some Plan B as well? Or is this overkill? My fertile days ended yesterday but you never know, and Im not particularly clear if any sizable amount of semen found its way up there.

What do you think? Plan B or I should be good?
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