whatsherface162 (whatsherface162) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vagina smells

I hate that a lot us cis-females feel like if our vagina doesn't smell like flowers 24/7 that we are dirty or something is wrong with us.  That we are diseased or never shower.  I come to realize I was one of those females that thought my vagina stinks, something must be wrong with me.  Now, I know a smell can be a warning to an infection.  I haven't had any other symptoms.  So, after two months of research on a smell that comes and goes, with no symptoms, I have determined it's my boyfriend's sperm.  The smell goes away if we haven't had sex for a few days.  It's only around when he ejaculates in me.  After discovering this, I said to myself, "My first instinct was to blame myself because if my vagina doesn't smell fresh, like media and society says it should, then I need to fix it."

So, after reading all kinds of stuff, my vagina doesn't always smell "fresh" and it may not be my fault it doesn't smell like a bouquet of flowers.  Vaginas have their own unique smells and things could mess with the pH level and alter smells.

Disclaimer:  I know a smell can be a warning of an infection.  I'm not discounting all smells and if yiu are worried, do get it checked.

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