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Hi ok so I've been having a reoccurring vagina problem. I haven't spoken to a doctor yet because it usually goes away on its own and I keep figuring that it won't bother me again or that it isn't urgent. Plus it's embarrassing to speak about in person. It's bothered me one too many times though and I plan to drop in to Planned Parenthood sometime this week, but I'm hoping if I post somewhere about my symptoms and health backstory maybe somebody else has had the same problem before me and knows the cause so that I go in knowing what to expect, and so that the doctor doesn't overlook anything. And better yet, if there's any gynecologists maybe you could be a great help as well.
Ok so I'll start from the beginning of my sexual health because I don't actually know what's related and what's not related.
About two years ago is when I lost my virginity and I've had sex with quite a few people in a short period of time. Some protected, and some not. I was on birth control and I assumed that anybody with an STD would know about it, and not have unprotected sex. Dumb conclusion to jump to, I know that now. I tested for STDs after my first and came up negative. Didn't test again for a long while. The first time I experienced this issue was during/after sex with somebody (we only did it the one time). The sex was slightly painful but I ignored it because I thought it was just that he was bigger down there than I was used to. (Maybe that was why I still don't know). I distinctly remember it burning to pee for a few days after that. I didn't have sex until it went away. I can't remember if my vagina swelled or not at that point. I don't remember any other incidents for quite awhile.
A year and a half ago I got into a relationship. So I no longer had multiple sex partners from that point on. We are still together now. About 6 months(?my best guess) ago I had a yearly exam with the gynecologist. Pap smear and all that. Came up positive for chlamydia and HPV. I don't know who from or when I got either seeing as how the two STD tests I mentioned were the only ones I've ever taken and they were about a year or so apart AND I had sex with over 15 different people between those two tests. (probably should've gotten tested after each new person but I guess I wasn't thinking straight.
Well anyways, the chlamydia has been cleared. My boyfriend and I have both taken the medication prescribed and I had two follow up tests just to be sure. So definitely chlamydia free. From what I can tell the HPV wasn't curable. She didn't prescribe anything. Just did multiple testing and made some comment on it effecting my vagina and suggesting to use condoms and start taking vitamins.
However, after the chlamydia was cured was when I really started noticing the symptoms I came here to talk about. Occasionally after sex, my vagina will swell severely. Usually only on one side, sometimes all around. When swollen it goes away after a few days on its own but it can be extremely uncomfortable. It usually stings to pee (I noticed that being because the pee touches the swollen area. And sometimes, depending on how swollen I am, it hurts to wear underwear. Sex is out of the question for at least 2-3 days, and sometimes I have to stop mid sex because it feels fine before but gradually starts to hurt more and more until I can't bare being touched anymore. And yet other times, it's after great sex and doesn't hurt at all until a few minutes after we've finished. Once it heals, sometimes it comes back in a week, and sometimes its a month or two before I notice it again.
Well just this past week or two it seems things have gotten worse. I went on birth control for the first time in nearly a year about two months ago, but quit this month because I kept forgetting to pick up my prescription and I have been having insurance issues. About a week ago, I noticed a lot of discharge from my vagina. Like, a LOT. It was totally unusual for me. Kind of yellowish in color, no scent. The main issue was that it became uncomfortable how much it was. It was wet and sticky but then if I was away from the bathroom for awhile (like while at work) it dried up and caked to my body becoming crusty. After a day or two it started itching. Some google research led me to believe it was a yeast infection. Had one before I ever lost my virginity and from what I could remember the symptoms were similar so I thought, no problem! Bought some medication from the pharmacy aisle, and within two days it was completely gone. So tonight me and my boyfriend wanted to have sex because we haven't in a few days what with the yeast infection and all, and the sex was good as it usually is so I didn't suspect any problems. Towards the end their was minor pain that I ignored since it wasn't too bad. And yet almost immediately after my boyfriend noticed my vagina was swollen yet again. It doesn't hurt as much as usual, only when certain spots are touched accidentally. But in addition to the pain, it is discharging again- this time much more liquidy. Yellow, almost looks like if pee and the normal vaginal discharge healthy vaginas get mixed together. This type of discharge in combination with the swelling has happened only once.
And that's all the story symptoms and all the information you never wanted to know. I've googled the shit out of this and I've found information about some things that have similar symptoms but nothing seems totally accurate. Like I said, I'll be going to a doctor anyways but any peace of mind would be really helpful tonight, this has been a problem of mine for far too long. So please if you've ever experienced this, or have any information that might be of use comment on my post, and if you know of some other website that might be of help in finding somebody with knowledge on the topic, again let me know! Thanks so much in advance to anyone who has any information or resources for me.
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