gordolobo (gordolobo) wrote in vaginapagina,

Probiotics against thrush... advice on which to buy?

Hi everyone!
So I'm in the market for some probiotics to try and keep all vaginal things in balance... And I've narrowed it down to two but I can't decide which to buy. There's Protexin Bio-Kult ( http://www.dolphinfitness.co.uk/en/protexin-bio-kult-candea-60-capsules/72651/?ladid=uk ) which seems great cos it has also garlic and grapefruit seed extract.. but less live cultures than this one : Optibac for Women ( http://www.dolphinfitness.co.uk/en/optibac-probiotics-for-women-30-capsules/85297/?ladid=uk ) which is the main one you can get in health food stores here in the UK.

I'm pretty broke so I'm looking for value-for-money, most capsules I can get, hence shopping online.

Anyone got any recommendations? It's hard to read between the supplement jargon. I'm leaning towards the one with garlic in, because I was torn between getting a garlic supplement or probiotics. But then the other says it's 'proven' that those particular cultures reach the vagina 'alive'... so they say.

Anyhoo, any advice would be appreciated. Cheers.
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