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Phantom cramping?


I tried searching the tags for "cramps", but there don't seem to be any! (Unless I am totally missing it, which is a possibility. So if i have missed it, please feel free to redirect me and delete this).

Basically, on and off for maybe about the past month or so I will experience uterine cramps while I am not menstruating (i.e.: about a week or two before it's due).

My periods are regular, and generally mellow cramping-wise. What could be causing cramps in between? Of course, trying to Google symptoms always just ends up with "go see a doctor and find out", like, if it were so easy I'd have already done that and not even bothered trying to consult the internet.

I'm guessing it's important to note that I have a copper IUD (it's been in place without incident for about 6 years now).

Any thoughts?
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